What distinguishes us?

We know how to be a real team, that’s our strength! Our company is powered by a mechanism that must work harmoniously to achieve the goal.
The components of the mechanism are the people themselves who have been creating HONYA for years.
Each of us has different experiences and knowledge.
We accumulate them and share in such a way so that everyone in the team can take advantage of what others have worked for.
Thanks to this, we can complement each other and provide the highest quality products.

Lantic XuCEO
Jarek Florko
Jarek FlorkoGeneral Manager
+48 730 137 999
Robert Tarantowicz
Robert TarantowiczHead of Finance
+48 692 034 068
Olga Bakun-Piotrowska
Olga Bakun-PiotrowskaSales Team
+48 735 952 817
Aneta Dziekońska
Aneta DziekońskaSales Team
+48 728 474 761
UlaSales Team
+48 696 993 705
Agnieszka Kempka
Agnieszka KempkaSales Team
+48 796 546 146
ŁukaszLogistic manager
+48 602 300 325

Would you like to work with us?

If you share the same values WE DO, you like getting involved and desire to grow, we invite YOU to join our team.

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