Electronics, telecommunications, automotive industry and many others – we provide printed circuit boards wherever you need them.

Do you value professionalism and engagement? We have some solutions for you that have already worked out in 10 countries around the world! We specialise in the production of sophisticated printed circuit boards in different surface sections.

Where do you find our products?

PCBs are primarily used when assembling electrical components and ensuring an appropriate connection between plugs.

Our quality has already been appreciated in 10 countries around the world – we provide solutions wherever we talk about electronics, telecommunications, the automotive industry and many others.

We have already fruitfully cooperated with 200 companies in Poland, as well as leading EMS and lighting-manufacturing companies.

We are not a large corporation. That is why, we can afford an individual approach to each customer.

Printed circuit boards

We have products for everyone – no matter if you are a local manufacturer or a global giant.

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We know how to be a real team, that’s our strength! We believe that it is the right people who create the company.

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